Nea Kios

A month has already passed since my visit to the area of Nafplio and Nea Kios. I’m late enough to upload pictures and impressions because in the meanwhile I also made a trip to Spain (Extremadura) for which there will be a next post.

Spring migration to Nea Kios was in its full swing. . . . → Read More: Nea Kios

A different Bee-eater

Last week one Blue-cheeked Bee-eater appeared at Nea Kios just outside the city of Nafplio. The news upset the small community of birdwatchers and Nature photographers especially those of us who live in Athens and it was easier to travel the 140 kilometers of the route to see up close the rare visitor from . . . → Read More: A different Bee-eater

A sunny day at Nea Kios

Last Sunday I visited the Nea Kios wetland. It is located between the cities of Nea Kios and Nafplio and created by two small rivers that flow there, Erasinos and Inahos. It is located relatively close to Athens and is ideal for day trips in conjunction with a visit to the beautiful city of . . . → Read More: A sunny day at Nea Kios