The summer months are the most challenging for wildlife photography in Greece. The extreme heat and the harsh light, make things quite difficult. I have come to the conclusion that the best habitats for nature photography during this period are forests and especially the forests located high on the mountains. In this environment the . . . → Read More: Summer

At the plateaus of mount Giona

Last weekend I visited once again mount Giona. This time I had two friends who are also engaged in wildlife photography with me, Michael Kotsakis and George Alexandris. We climbed the mountain using the familiar route from the “Prosilio” village. On the rocky slope just above the village, we saw 3 couples of Kestrel, . . . → Read More: At the plateaus of mount Giona

Sunday at my Father’s village

Last Weekend I visited my father’s village located just between Giona and Parnasos mountains. The available time for photography was very limited. That was the reason I didn’t stopped at the Orhomenos teritory where Long-legged Buzzards as well as Common Buzzards where passing over my head actively hunting at the fields just a few . . . → Read More: Sunday at my Father’s village

The winter is coming at mount Giona

A few days ago I went to visit mount Giona again. I didn’t even try to visit the alpine highlands of the mountain. I preferred to move lower in the western side of the mountain.

As the days go by, the mountain starts to get winter color. Early in the morning the frost covers . . . → Read More: The winter is coming at mount Giona

A 1700 Km long Birdwatching Weekend (Part 2)

It was Saturday afternoon when we left Thessaloniki after our visit to Gallicos river delta. We arrived at my father’s village late at night after a three hours drive. During our trip we encountered very heavy rain and worried that the weather will not help us visit “Romeiko” and “Taratsa”, two of the highest . . . → Read More: A 1700 Km long Birdwatching Weekend (Part 2)

A visit at Mount Giona

Last weekend I managed to make a short visit to Mount Giona (located in central Greece). I could not get to the highland plateaus where one can find alpine bird species, so I had to settle with the ones that can be found in the forest at lower altitude.

Forest is one of the . . . → Read More: A visit at Mount Giona