My name is Petros Petrou. I am living and working in Athens (GREECE) as a IT engineer. I always liked nature outings and photography was one of my hobbies for years, but it was only in 2006 that I found a way to combine them.

Since then, wildlife photography became my passion. I use most of my free time to visit nature reserves and to convey to my friends a little of the beauty that lies next to us in nature.

I specialize more in birds, since Greece is one of the best places in Europe to observe/photograph them. That is because one of the major migration paths goes through Greece and also Greece boasts a huge variety of different habitats that host a large number of bird species. More than 400 bird species can be found here throughout the year.

I have created this Website by myself during my (very limited) free time.

If you are interested in my photos or you want to contact me for any reason do not hesitate.

Have fun!