A day at mount Parnassos

One Saturday just a few weeks ago was one of the rare cases that I had the whole day free. I decided to visit mount Parnassos in search for some good photo opportunities with forest and alpine species of birds. I have been to Parnassos in many other cases and I have to say that I was not at all impressed by that mount’s wildlife. Parnassos is located quite close to Athens and attracts many visitors especially during winter. The increased human disturbance means that many wild birds and animals prefer other places to live. However this time I was glad to find out that during October, when there are not many people visiting the mountain, you can still find some nice photo opportunities.

I went there with George, a fellow nature photographer and we had some fun making pictures of many forest bird species like Nuthatches, Short-toed Treecreepers, Coal Tits, Sombre Tits, Linnets, Greenfinches, Firecrests etc. In addition we came across a nice flock of Ring Ouzels which are quite rare for Greece. It seems that they made a stop at mount Parnassos in their way to Africa. The news spread quickly and brought many fellow photographers and bird watchers to the mount during the next days 🙂

We also came across two Rock Partridges. Although I have been to Parnassos many times and I knew that there are some Rock Partridges living there, I have never seen any of them before. The weather was also in our side and as a result the day seemed to have passed so fast! We packed our equipment late in the afternoon, well after sunset. I am definitively going to add a visit to mount Parnassos during October to my annual schedule for the next year.
As always do not forget to click on the images to view them in larger/sharper versions.

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