Target species: Bearded Reedling

Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) is one of my favorite bird species. They can be usually found in marshes having dense reed beds and the most suitable season to see and photograph them is winter. In winter they form large noisy flocks and they keep moving and feeding on the reeds.

Given these facts when Michalis and George proposed to visit the Lamia marsh in an attempt to photograph Bearded Reedlings I quickly agreed. Lamia marsh is located at the west coast on Peloponnese and it is the southernmost place in Greece where these birds can be found.
We spend the whole day at the Lamia marsh and the adjacent Strofylia wetland. Felix another follow nature photographer joined us. We managed to find and get some pictures of Bearded Reedlings although it was more difficult than expected. The three Spotted Eagles that we found there was an added bonus :-). We also saw some waders and Egrets but since the time was limited and our focus was on the Bearded Reedlings we didn’t spend much time with them.

Our next visit was scheduled to be at mount Vardousia in just a few days. More on that in the next post.

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