A different Bee-eater

Last week one Blue-cheeked Bee-eater appeared at Nea Kios just outside the city of Nafplio. The news upset the small community of birdwatchers and Nature photographers especially those of us who live in Athens and it was easier to travel the 140 kilometers of the route to see up close the rare visitor from Africa. Most of the people chose to go there in the evening, but leaving the office during midday was not an option for me. That’s how I found myself with Akis and Gerasimos at 5 am in the car en route to Nea Kios!

Akis was the first to spot the bird roosting into some dense reeds. As soon as the bird woke up it left the place. Thanks to the help of our local friends who were the first to spot it in the region, we were able to find it again. We stayed there watching this unusual Bee-eater for a while and in addition we managed to get some pictures of him despite the low light, the rainy weather and the relatively large distance.

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  • Wow this is gorgeous and my dreambird since the first I opened a birdbook, where it appeared.

    I will be leading a birdtour to northern Greece from the 22th of april to Kerkini, Nestos and Evros, anything you would suggest.


    Would love to have the picture on my computer, so beautiful.

  • petros

    Thank you Nikolaj for your kind words. Kerkini, Nestos and Evros are the birder’s paradise in April. The tips for these places could easily fill many pages. The only reason that I won’t be there these days is that I will be in Lesvos island the same period.
    My advice, is to get yourself the “Birdwatching in Northern Greece” guide sold by http://www.birdwing.eu. It is the best guide for all the mentioned places and you will find it invaluable. Get it and study it before your trip in order to get organized. I hope that you will stay there many days, you will need them all. Please note that I am in no way connected with the Guide writers or the site.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Petros

    Your very much welcome.

    I have already been reading in “Birdwatching in Northern Greece”, for the sites we will be visiting. Just as I know the site too.
    I was just simply curious, if you should have any local knowledge not considered in the already great literaty

    I will be in Greece from the 26th of april to the 3th of may ending in Dadia forest.
    Lesbos is lovely too, I have been there once, even though one can easily been there more then twice.

    Best regards