It has been quite some time since my last post here. The reason was not only I have been working quite hard lately but also that I did manage to go out and get some nature photos during Christmas, so stay tuned!
A month has already passed since my visit to Mesolonghi. Mesolonghi with the salt works, the lagoon and the Acheloos river delta nearby, is one of the largest wetlands in Western Greece. A large number of birds mostly waders are gathered there to spend the winter.

Unfortunately during our visit and although the weather was not bad, the water level was very low to the lagoon and to the salt works. This was the main reason that we didn’t have many decent photo opportunities. I have been there many times and this was the first time that I left the place with so few photos.

The most notable observations were one Bittern, five young Black Kites and some White Storks and all were quite far. We saw very few wader species. Even the Caspian Terns which are always there during winter were too far for decent photos. We had to settle with the Sandwich Terns which were more cooperative.

Towards the end of the day we found a backlit Cormorant which left us to photograph his silhouette with the calm water as a background.

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