Beyond Autofocus

During my last visit to Kalamas River Delta one of the most notable findings was a female Merlin. It was perched high on a tree and there was no way to get close to it. I took some pictures but I was not very happy since the big distance prevented me from getting the . . . → Read More: Beyond Autofocus

Winter at Kalamas River Delta

I visited Kalamas River Delta during Christmas holidays. Although I am a regular visitor there, it has been two years since my last winter visit. Kalamas is not the best place in Greece to spot really rare bird species (although this is possible), but it is one of the best places for nature photography. . . . → Read More: Winter at Kalamas River Delta

A “famous” visitor

A few days after we returned from the photographic excursion to Mesolonghi, I returned to the area for a very short visit. The reason was that as soon as I returned from my previous visit there, I learned that we had just missed a spot where at least one Osprey is wintering every year. . . . → Read More: A “famous” visitor


It has been quite some time since my last post here. The reason was not only I have been working quite hard lately but also that I did manage to go out and get some nature photos during Christmas, so stay tuned! A month has already passed since my visit to Mesolonghi. Mesolonghi with . . . → Read More: Mesolonghi