The juveniles of the summer

Summer is not the best time to observe and even photograph wildlife. The strong heat makes outings difficult and the harsh light is not the best for photography. Therefore despite the fact that there is more free time due to the summer leave, the famous Greek seasides are more attractive.

Nevertheless, summer is the season that most animals raise their young. This is the best time to observe young chicks. From the young Black-winged Stilts at Spata up to a young Golden Eagle that I saw in Giona (unfortunately from a large distance).

Of course it is not only birds that raise their young in summer. If you look around you will notice that there are many young kittens this time of year. With a little luck, perhaps in a village that pretty much everyone visits during the summer, you can see something more unusual, like the little Hedgehog that I met at a village in Thesprotia.

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