At the Spata lake (again…)

I have made some short visits to the well known small lake at Spata in the last few days. Although the water level has dropped considerably and it is already June when the migration period is almost over, I saw a small group of three White-winged Terns and one of them was still molting to breeding plumage.

Other than that I saw some Little Stints, White Egrets, Grey and Squacco Herons, a Night Heron, two Northern Shovelers, and MANY Little Bitterns. I hope that some of them will manage to nest in the dense reeds in the middle of the lake before it becomes completely dry in summer.

In addition there is a Spur-winged Plover at the lake, a species which is quite rare for Athens.

There are already many young Coots and Moorhens swimming, while a group of at least 10 Black-winged Stilts has built a small colony. When one of the many Yellow-legged Gulls is approaching the nests, the stilts are attacking and manage to drive him away although they are half the size of the Gulls.

In addition a large number of Swifts are flying over the lake while several Turtle Doves can be found in the vineyards nearby.

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