Lesvos (part 2)

On Sunday we went to the small inland lake near Dafia village early in the morning. Our goal was to see the Baillon’s Crake that was spotted there the previous day but we missed it for a few minutes. We found only this Little Crake feeding in the reeds of the lake.

The rest of the day was spend searching in various island locations mainly to the west, without many new findings. The reason for that is that we focused on finding the most difficult species that we had not spoted until then without success unfortunately. The good news was that my long lens was working normally and it worked smoothly until the end of the trip, after a good cleaning of the lens contacts. Overall we saw more than 120 different species within 2 days. Not bad at all.

On Monday we were again just the two of us with Savvas since the rest of the gang left the island during the previous evening. After another failed attempt to find the Baillon’s Crake in the morning, we decided to concentrate our efforts on places that we already knew in order to have some good photos of the local rare bird species. So we visited the Ipsilou monastery, Agras and the forest of Achladeri again. We did one last effort for the White-throated Robin but again without success. The Isabelline Wheatear photo below is from the Ipsilou monastery.

In Agras we met several Cinereous Buntings and we had enough time for photos but the harsh light did not help us much. The following photo of a Cinereous Bunting is from Saturday when we had less time, but the light was more suitable for photography.

Finally, in the forest of Achladeri we found this young Kruper’s Nuthatch. It must have left the nest just a few days ago. It was the best epilogue of a successful trip.

It was 18:00 when we left the island hoping to be able to repeat our visit next year.

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