Waiting for the Migration period

The winter ends and spring is coming as is the spring migration period. This time of year most of the “winter species” are leaving or they have already left for their breeding places to the Northern Europe, whereas the “spring bird species” have not yet arrived, at least not in great numbers. In addition I was very busy for quite some time now so there was no time left for photography. Last weekend however I made a short visit to “A. Tritsis” park to see if anything had changed since my previous visit there three weeks ago.
The ducks that spend the winter to the park had already left for their breeding sites to the North, while the first House Martins were already flying around the small lakes. Unfortunately I had with me only the 500 f/4 lens without my tripod (there is no room for tripod setup at the best photo locations of the park). So don’t expect to see photos of the House Martins in flight …

The birds of the park are starting to change to their breeding plumage. For example the Cormorant in the first photo is already in prime breeding plumage. The Little Grebe in the other photo seems to retain the winter plumage but if you examine the bird carefully you can see that the beak is already almost black, a sign that the transformation has already begun.

In a few days the Schinias Wetland will be full of migrating birds, as the Hymettos mount and many other places in Athens since the “spring species” are either passing or will come to nest here. Right now I am making plans to visit many interesting places. If everything goes as planned, I hope that I will upload many beautiful pictures in the coming months.

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