The Quarantine birds

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the restrictive measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just a few weeks ago things started to slowly return to normal. All this time most of us should stay indoors with minimal opportunities for walks outside the house. Traveling (even nearby) was out of the . . . → Read More: The Quarantine birds

Summer in Athens

This year unfortunately I had to spend most of the summer in Athens. Even though time was limited, I did try to get some photos. The heat and the strong sunlight did not help much but I did manage to get some decent pictures. Apart from the well known locations such as mount Hymettus . . . → Read More: Summer in Athens

An unexpected visitor at Schinias wetland

This year is probably the first in many years that Schinias wetland (which is located next to the Olympic Rowing Center of Athens) has so much water in July. This is certainly due to the heavy rainfalls we had this year in Athens. As a result, several species bred successfully this year, and in . . . → Read More: An unexpected visitor at Schinias wetland

Experimenting with a Little Grebe

It has been some time now since my last visit to Schinias wetland, so I decided to go there and check the place out. Unfortunately although I went to every known location it wasn’t my day. There were very few birds and even the Greater Spotted Eagle that spends the winter there made just . . . → Read More: Experimenting with a Little Grebe

The “famous” visitors of Schinias wetland

Although winter was quite dry this year in Athens and the water level is quite low at Schinias wetland, we did have some pleasant surprises during the migration period. The biggest one so far was the presence of a Spotted Crake and a Citrine Wagtail at the same time and at the same spot!

. . . → Read More: The “famous” visitors of Schinias wetland

It’s started!

We are now in the middle of March and the migration period has started. A few days ago I went for a walk to the Schinias wetland. The water level was high enough and the first waders have already arrived. Only a few Green and Common Sandpipers for the moment, but this is going . . . → Read More: It’s started!

A Wryneck at Schinias

Last Sunday I went to Schinias march for a short visit. My goal was first to check if the Cuckoo that I have been watching till 22/11 was still there and second to try and get some decent photos of the Spotted Eagle which is wintering at the marsh. Unfortunately I failed at both. . . . → Read More: A Wryneck at Schinias

It’s still Here!

Last Sunday I visited the Schinias wetland. It was one month ago when I visited the place for the last time.

The water was more this time but it was not enough again. As a result the wetland was nearly empty beside the Cetti’s warblers which are always there. I decided to move around . . . → Read More: It’s still Here!

A Sunday visit at Shinias Wetlands

Last Sunday I visited Shinias Wetland which is located next to Athens Olympic Rowing center. Although it is the largest wetland in Attica and hosts a large number of birds during spring, in summer it dries up and becomes almost lifeless.

Unfortunately I discovered soon that despite the rains that fell in the area . . . → Read More: A Sunday visit at Shinias Wetlands