Struggling to survive

In the first days of 2017 I visited again the Gallikos river estuaries in Thessaloniki. This time I was looking for a Pacific Golden Plover that had appeared there. This species is a rare vagrant to Greece and since I was returning to Athens after seasons holidays, I changed my return schedule in order . . . → Read More: Struggling to survive

A (not so…) usual daily excursion

There are some times, when in order to take pictures of species rarely seen in Greece, you are “forced” to make some not so close daily trips. One such case was a few days ago. Near the mouth of the Gallikos river, just outside the city of Thessaloniki, appeared almost simultaneously a Long-tailed Duck . . . → Read More: A (not so…) usual daily excursion

At the estuaries of the Gallikos River

During the Christmas holidays I was able to visit some of the wetlands at the North Greece. Since then, I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to write something about them. In the next days I will try to write something for most of these visits since I had so much . . . → Read More: At the estuaries of the Gallikos River

The epilogue of the Lake Kerkini excursion

We left the lake early in the afternoon. This was because I wanted to make a stop in Thessaloniki at the Gallikos River Delta. The reason was that a Red-throated Loon, a Horned Grebe and a Red-necked Grebe were spotted there just a few days ago. These species are not common for Greece and . . . → Read More: The epilogue of the Lake Kerkini excursion

The Eider Campaign

Two months have already passed since my last visit to the Axios river Delta and Odysseus did it again! This time he discovered a young female Eider. It appears that the duck decided to make a very long journey south. This species is very rare in Greece and I decided not to miss the . . . → Read More: The Eider Campaign

A 1700 Km long Birdwatching Weekend (Part 1)

The plan was simple. Departure from Athens was scheduled at Friday afternoon and we were suppose to spend the night at Thessaloniki, so that I could be at Galikos river delta early in the morning. The reason for this visit was one Red and five Red-necked Phalaropes that were observed there some days before, . . . → Read More: A 1700 Km long Birdwatching Weekend (Part 1)