Autumn migration at Messolonghi

It is hard to imagine autumn migration in Greece without at least one visit to the wetlands of Messolonghi. This year I managed to make two visits there, although these were only short daily visits and there was not enough time to search all the hotspots of the vast wetland area in and around . . . → Read More: Autumn migration at Messolonghi

An autumn visit to Messolonghi

It is a well known fact that the wetlands surrounding the city of Messolonghi at western Greece is one of the best places for watching and photographing migration. Having that in mind I went there a few days ago. I left Athens at five o’clock in the morning and I was at the Kleisova . . . → Read More: An autumn visit to Messolonghi

Messolonghi Reloaded!

The previous weekend I visited Messolonghi again. This was my last visit there for this autumn. I went there with George and Michael two fellow nature photographers. We went to all the places that I had gone in my last visit there 2 weeks ago. We found almost all species that I had seen . . . → Read More: Messolonghi Reloaded!

The autumn migration at Messolonghi

The autumn migration is in full swing. The best place in South Greece to watch and photograph all migrating wader species is Messolonghi. So I visited the large lagoon adjacent to the city (called Klisova) twice. The first time was in the last days of August and I went there alone. The second time . . . → Read More: The autumn migration at Messolonghi

The Terns of Messolonghi

Messolonghi is one of the most popular destinations for bird observers and photographers. Terns are among the most popular bird species that can be seen there. Several Tern species nest there and you can easily see them fly, feed and even mate if you’re lucky enough and be there at the right time.

In . . . → Read More: The Terns of Messolonghi

A “famous” visitor

A few days after we returned from the photographic excursion to Mesolonghi, I returned to the area for a very short visit. The reason was that as soon as I returned from my previous visit there, I learned that we had just missed a spot where at least one Osprey is wintering every year. . . . → Read More: A “famous” visitor


It has been quite some time since my last post here. The reason was not only I have been working quite hard lately but also that I did manage to go out and get some nature photos during Christmas, so stay tuned! A month has already passed since my visit to Mesolonghi. Mesolonghi with . . . → Read More: Mesolonghi

Hide and seek

A few days ago I visited the Etoliko. It is a small city at the western coast of Greece which is near a complex of lagoons and marshes hosting a large number of birds. My target was to observe and photograph a Desert Wheatear which was seen there just a few days earlier. Unfortunately . . . → Read More: Hide and seek