Although winter is here, the weather is quite good in the area of Athens. It’s is not very cold and we haven’t seen any decent rain for quite some time now.

I have been very busy lately in the office but nevertheless I have managed to make some outings in the area around Athens. . . . → Read More: Winter

Photographing a Green Woodpecker

Taking pictures of Woodpeckers is not an easy task. One reason for that is that they usually live in forests so it’s not easy to find and approach them. Another reason is that inside forests the light is usually not ideal for photography. Remember also that in Greece there are no hides for nature . . . → Read More: Photographing a Green Woodpecker

A Weekend at mount Vardousia

Mount Vardousia is one of the less famous mountains of central Greece. I have never been there although it is quite close to my father’s hometown. So when Giorgos and Michalis suggested that we should make a visit there, I accepted immediately. Although our goal was to find and photograph some of the alpine . . . → Read More: A Weekend at mount Vardousia

The “silent” Migration

I was very busy working at the office lately so that there was no time for photo excursions. Moreover this year the migratory season passes without any exciting events or rare species sightings. The well known tree at Spata which was filled with migrating small birds last year remains relatively quiet this year. The . . . → Read More: The “silent” Migration

Adding canvas with Adobe Photoshop

In some cases when we are ready to take a picture of a perching bird, the bird flies off just before the “click”. We end up with a photo of the bird in flight at the edge of the frame. In some other cases we are taking pictures of birds in flight and at . . . → Read More: Adding canvas with Adobe Photoshop

The juveniles of the summer

Summer is not the best time to observe and even photograph wildlife. The strong heat makes outings difficult and the harsh light is not the best for photography. Therefore despite the fact that there is more free time due to the summer leave, the famous Greek seasides are more attractive.

Nevertheless, summer is the . . . → Read More: The juveniles of the summer

At some Evia Island beach

We are in the middle of summer now and as the holidays approach, visiting a beach for a swim is more frequent than creating nature photos. Last weekend I was at a beach at the east coast of Evia Island. The beach was less than 200 meters wide and was located between two rocky . . . → Read More: At some Evia Island beach


A few days ago I visited mount Olympus for the second time in a few months. Most people go to the mountain to climb to the highest peak since Olympus is the highest mount of Greece, but our goal was different. From the “Prionia” location which is the most popular starting point for the . . . → Read More: Olympus

Let the Game Begin!

Well that’s it. I made up my mind. I am trying to set up a decent website for quite some time now, but work and various other obligations delayed the completion of the project. In addition, dealing with your hobby late at nights, causes the legitimate protests of your wife, despite the enormous patience . . . → Read More: Let the Game Begin!