The Quarantine birds

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the restrictive measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just a few weeks ago things started to slowly return to normal. All this time most of us should stay indoors with minimal opportunities for walks outside the house. Traveling (even nearby) was out of the question and as a result, the opportunities for wildlife photography were really almost non-existent. Of course, there were still some small opportunities if someone tried a little harder. The yard of the house, a nearby park, a walk to the limits of what is allowed, gave some opportunities. These are some (few) photos of these created during the covid-19 quarantine period.

An example is this Collared Dove that came so close to our balcony!

Or like this male Red-footed Falcon carrying a snack in his long journey from Africa to the North Europe.

Or even this male Montagu’s Harrier in his passage near Athens International Airport at Spata.

While we had to spend most of our time at home, nature was preparing for the next generation. Check this Cole Tit carrying nest material. This was taken in a short walk to mount Parnitha near Athens.

A (very) young Ferruginous Duck from a short walk at Schinias wetland.

And finally a young Long-eared Owl born just a few days ago at Spata.

Don’t forget that by clicking on the pictures you can see them in a larger/sharper version with their Exif Data.

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