Nea Kios

A month has already passed since my visit to the area of Nafplio and Nea Kios. I’m late enough to upload pictures and impressions because in the meanwhile I also made a trip to Spain (Extremadura) for which there will be a next post.

Spring migration to Nea Kios was in its full swing. I spotted several migratory bird species such as the beautiful Little Gull which was feeding at close range, a Ruppel’s Warbler, a nice male Collared Flycatcher, some Black-tailed Godwits and many more.

Beside these species I also saw a good number of “winter” and resident species like Teals, Wigeons, Blue Rock Thrushes (this must be the best place in Greece to photograph this species), the Jackdaw colony and several passerines like the nice female Blackcap pictured below.

You can always click on the images to see the Image Exif Data and to view a larger/sharper version.

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