An unexpected visitor at Schinias wetland

This year is probably the first in many years that Schinias wetland (which is located next to the Olympic Rowing Center of Athens) has so much water in July. This is certainly due to the heavy rainfalls we had this year in Athens. As a result, several species bred successfully this year, and in addition we also have some unusual visitors to the wetland.

The most notable and rare presence is that of a Whooper Swan which was spotted and it still stays into the wetland for several days now. This species is rarely seen to the Southern Greece. Moreover I cannot remember any other observation near Athens during summer. Usually several individuals are wintering in northern Greece and in spring they are migrating to their breeding places near the arctic zone. The bird does not seem to have any problem, and it was seen moving and flying comfortably, giving the opportunity for an interesting observation during summer to many birdwatchers.

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