Although I was quite busy lately, I managed to visit “Skala Oropou” (a wetland just outside Athens) twice. Although it is one of the most important wetlands in Attica, there were not many birds there yet. The best observation was a group of shags. It wasn’t easy but finally I managed to get close to them and get some pictures.

I also found many gulls there, mainly Black-headed and Mediterranean Gulls and quite a few Sandwich Terns. All these species choose Oropos wetland in order to overwinter every year.

In my second visit, there were hundreds of them and viewing them moving around the wetland was an amazing spectacle.
There were very few waders since the water was still not enough. I saw only a few Redshanks, Kentish Plovers, Grey Plovers and a Snipe. Grey Herons, Little Egrets and the not so common Great Egrets were already in the area, while the first Reed Buntings appeared around the lagoon.

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