Nature Photographers meeting at Evros

A few days before, I went to a meeting of Greek wildlife photographers which has taken place at Evros area. There were about 20 photographers there (amateur of course), and for the next weekend we tried to capture some footage of wildlife in an area considered to be the country’s top spot for nature photography.
Although the best period to visit Evros is winter, at the end of the weekend everyone was happy. The combination of vast wetland formed by the Evros river delta and the forest of Dadia which is located just a few kilometers away, create a unique combination of different habitats with a huge variety of wildlife.

Although I have been at Evros many times, each time I find something new which makes each visit there unique. This time I was lucky enough to meet a Golden Jackal, an Eagle Owl, I got some nice photos of Roller, Masked Shrike, Eurasian Bee-eater and Golden Oriole, I saw a huge flock of Mediterranean Gulls passing just a few meters away from me … The beautiful moments were just too many to fit in this small article and Evros area is a place that can generously offer Moments like these not only to Nature photographers but to every visitor of the area.

And at the end of the day, although my wish for a close encounter with a Black Vulture or an Egyptian Vulture remained unfulfilled, I am thinking that there is always a next time…

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