In the Lake Polyfytou fields

Two weeks ago I visited the area around the lake Polyfytou at Kozani. The reason had nothing to do with wildlife photography, but when I saw two Syrian Woodpeckers just outside of our room inside the Hotel’s yard, I decided to go for a 2-hour unscheduled photographic excursion.

The woodpeckers were not there when I left the Hotel room, so I went for a walk in search of other photo opportunities. The lake was created by the Aliakmon River dam which supplies water to the largest hydroelectric plant in the country. The area around the lake is full of fields with fruit trees and crops of any kind that they were just been seeded. These fields were full of Calandra Larks and since the weather was quite good that day, the birds were performing display flights. Their song was heard everywhere and soon I managed to get some nice pictures before returning to the hotel. That was very nice because when we got up next morning it was snowing! It was a reminder that winter is not over yet.

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