What about the lake at Spata this year?

It was about 10 days before when I visited the Loutros area at Spata for the first time this year. I had hopes that the seasonal lake that was created last year in this area (after several dry years) would be there again. Well, my hopes did not materialize. There was some water in the small torrent that crosses the area but nothing more. I found two White Wagtails feeding into the torrent and I spent some time there taking photos as the birds didn’t seem to care much for my presence. Unfortunately a Grey Wagtail that was at the same spot left before I had the chance to get close.

Other observations include all the usual species for this time of year. Goldfinches, chaffinches, robins, serins and all other common winter species, the most interesting being two linnets which are not easily seen at this spot. I hope that my next visit will be more interesting (especially is there is enough rain in the coming months).

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