A “famous” visitor

A few days after we returned from the photographic excursion to Mesolonghi, I returned to the area for a very short visit. The reason was that as soon as I returned from my previous visit there, I learned that we had just missed a spot where at least one Osprey is wintering every year. At first I felt a bit disappointed, but then I remembered that in a few days I would pass near the area again going to my wife’s hometown for Christmas. So we made a slight detour in our trip hoping that I will be luckier this time.
Indeed just before we reach the spot, I saw from a distance an Osprey diving and then leaving with a big fish in his claws! When I arrived I thought I had lost the opportunity for some good photos, but almost immediately a second Osprey appeared and made a few circles over the area. So I managed to get a few pictures of it, although it was not very close.

When I saw the pictures at home later, I found that the Osprey was ringed at the legs. Moreover in some photos I could read the ring data. In these cases if you are in Greece you should send a report to the “Greek Bird Ringing Center” (email takr@aegean.gr) providing ring data, bird species name, date, time and the place that you saw the bird. That way not only you contribute to the research on the bird habits and migration routes but you can find out where did the “famous” visitor came from.

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