Photographing a Green Woodpecker

Taking pictures of Woodpeckers is not an easy task. One reason for that is that they usually live in forests so it’s not easy to find and approach them. Another reason is that inside forests the light is usually not ideal for photography. Remember also that in Greece there are no hides for nature photographers to help them get close to animals without much effort.
Green Woodpecker is a relatively common woodpecker species but it is a quite shy bird and although you can hear his calls it is not easy to actually see the bird.
Just a few days before, I had the opportunity to visit mount Voio located in Northwestern Greece. During a short walk in the forest I could hear many Green Woodpecker calls so I decided to spend some time trying to get some decent pictures of this bird species. I selected a nice spot which I thought it was suitable for the task and for the next two days I was there just before sunrise and stayed there for 3 hours every day. During my stay, I saw male and female Green Woodpeckers making quick passes but without giving me any photo opportunities.

The second day just when I was ready to leave the place, a male Green Woodpecker appeared and landed in a tree just in front of me. It wasn’t very close and it was a rather cloudy day but I did manage to get some decent pictures of this beautiful bird.

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