Adding canvas with Adobe Photoshop

In some cases when we are ready to take a picture of a perching bird, the bird flies off just before the “click”. We end up with a photo of the bird in flight at the edge of the frame. In some other cases we are taking pictures of birds in flight and at the end of the day we realize that in our best focused photo with the ideal wing position, the subject is positioned just before the edge of the frame without any room to fly into.
In cases like these there are many ways to add some canvas in front of our subject in order to save an otherwise problematic photo and create a more pleasing composition. I am going to show you an easy way to do that using Adobe Photoshop. This solution works better when the subject is in a plain and uniform background (e.g. sky or a blurred background) It is supported in Photoshop CS4 or newer versions.
* Initially open your picture in Photoshop.

* Select “Layers->New->Layer via Copy” and create a new background layer.
* Select “View->Zoom Out” from the menu in order to create some empty space around the picture.
* Select “Edit->Content-Aware Scale”. A border appears around the picture with 8 small marks located in the corners and in the middle of each side of the photo.

* Left-click on the mark located to the side to which you want to move the subject and “Drag” the mark without un-clicking the mouse button. Notice that the bird “moves” inside the picture. When you are satisfied with the result release the mouse button and press “Enter” to complete the move process.

* Finally select “Layers->Flatten Image” and you are done. You can now save the Picture!

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