Latest news from the Loutros area at Spata

The number of migrating birds has increased significantly to the Loutros area at Spata during the last weeks. It was just a few days before, when a large flock of more than 400 Garganeys made a stop to the lake for a couple of days before continuing the journey to the North. The photo below shows just a small fraction of the ducks flying over the lake area.

The greatest spectacle of the area these days is a large flock of 100-130 Glossy Ibises which are feeding at the wet fields beside the lake. They are quite tame and can be approached with relative ease.

Of course there are many other species in smaller numbers, as well as several birds of prey like this female Marsh Harrier shown in the picture hunting in the reeds of the lake.

The most notable observations during the last days is at least one Little Crake and a Great Snipe. I must confess that I have spend much time to the Loutros area this year and I have neglected many other birding hotspots near Athens. However I will try to visit the Schinias wetland and the Hymettus mount during the next few days.

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