A Wryneck at Schinias

Last Sunday I went to Schinias march for a short visit. My goal was first to check if the Cuckoo that I have been watching till 22/11 was still there and second to try and get some decent photos of the Spotted Eagle which is wintering at the marsh. Unfortunately I failed at both. The Cuckoo was not there and the Spotted Eagle made some quick passes, but was too far for a decent photo.

Nevertheless my compensation was that at the same spot that the Cuckoo was, I saw a Wryneck! This was the first time that I came across this species. Only a few Wrynecks overwinter in Greece with the vast majority migrating to Africa. This little fellow maybe decided to overwinter in the fields beside the marsh due to the mild weather we still have here in Athens. Although initially remained stubbornly in the dense foliage, eventually he gave us a few nice photos.

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