Let the Game Begin!

Well that’s it. I made up my mind. I am trying to set up a decent website for quite some time now, but work and various other obligations delayed the completion of the project. In addition, dealing with your hobby late at nights, causes the legitimate protests of your wife, despite the enormous patience and understanding she might has. What is worse is that there is always something I don?t like, something else that needs to be improved, and eventually the job never ends …

Finally, although I am working as an IT engineer for over 20 years, I was never into the website design business and as a result there were many new things for me to learn.

Nevertheless the summer holidays are coming fast, so I decided to start a pilot site now, without putting much thinking on it and despite all the imperfections it may have. I am not expecting many visitors here anyway, at least not yet. Wildlife Photography is not something common here in Greece and it is unknown to most of the people.

In this site I will upload some of my photos, comments from my outings, for my photo equipment and anything else I think it?s worth mentioning.

I hope you will visit this site again and do not forget to send your comments and suggestions.

Let the game begin!

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